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Smartlab's The Amazing Squishy Brain

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Let me pick your brain! This anatomically correct, and delightfully squishy, brain teaches kids the different parts of the brain when they pick it apart.

The skull model, complete with moving jawbone, houses eight squishy brain parts and eyeballs to make for a realistic experience of your body’s gray matter.

As you build and take apart the model brain, take a mind-blowing tour of its anatomy with the interactive 24-page book. Explore the brain’s structure and functions, find out if you are right- or left-brained, and learn what separates the human brain from all others.

You will move to the head of the class at school after this trip through the senses, movement, memory, emotion, decision-making, and automatic functions of the brain. Fun activities and plenty of strange-but-true facts make this a toy and book you’ll revisit again and again.


  • A mind-bending, hands-on exploration of brain anatomy: Build and take apart a realistically squishy human brain while learning each part’s special role
  • 19-piece kit full of STEAM learning fun: 8 skull pieces, 8 squishy brain parts, 2 squishy eyeballs, spinal cord & 4 vertebrae, display base, plastic forceps, plastic scalpel, 24-page brain anatomy book, and assembly sheet
  • Wrap your head around how the brain works with a 24-page book: Accessible, often humorous, explanations explore the parts and complex inner workings of your amazing, sensing, feeling, learning, knowing, growing, changing, language-loving, electrochemical-signaling brain
  • Perfect for budding biologists and future doctors ages 8+: Great activity for curious kids and family fun


  • 8 Skull Pieces
  • 8 Squishy Brain Parts
  • 2 Squishy Eyeballs
  • Spinal Cord & 4 Vertebrae
  • Display Base
  • Plastic Forceps
  • Plastic Scalpel
  • 24-Page Brain Anatomy Book 
  • Assembly Sheet