Papoose Toys

Four Seasons Trees - 12pcs

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Add texture and creativity to small world play with this wonderful 12 piece Papoose Toys Four Season Tree Set – three trees representing each of the four seasons with coloured felted canopies and naturally twisted gnarly wooden trunks. These free standing woodland trees bring a beautiful natural element to a small world play scene or a wonderful decoration for the playroom shelf. Ethically made in Nepal.

Papoose Toys are handcrafted by Nepalese artisans from naturally dyed 100% wool felt and natural driftwood and reclaimed wood. These Four Season Trees come in three sizes, measuring approximately 16- 26cm high, and feature a solid oval felted canopy, light green for spring, deep green summer, brown autumn and white winter, with a naturally gnarly wooden trunk. These eco-friendly learning resources are perfect for imaginative play and will add beautiful detail to small world set ups and storytelling. We think these trees would also look fabulous as part of a seasonal or celebration display or nature table.

Sustainable, ethically sourced, and inspired by nature, Papoose toys make a wonderful addition to any playroom, early years, or nursery setting - all you need is imagination. Team up with other Papoose and small world play toys from Babipur for endless fun.

  • Twelve individual felt canopy trees (three each representing the four seasons) with natural wooden stems
  • Handcrafted in Nepal 
  • Fair Trade 
  • Measures approx. 16 -26 cm height
  • Suitable for 3+

Learning through play: independent play, imagination and creativity, language skills