Baby - River

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Contains: 6 decors (18 x 18 cm) + 96 stickers (3 plates)

Repositionable and easy-to-grab stickers

From 2 years old

Illustrations : Chloé du Colombier


Fish, frogs, ducks, cranes, dragonflies: a whole world to discover! This activity in stickers has been designed for young children from 2 years old. On the 6 cards, stick the stickers on the dotted locations following the colors. Little by little, the pictures get colored! Once finished, the cards form a nice collection of small assorted pictures to give as gifts or to frame to decorate the room.

A very easy activity that will please little hands.



This educational game from 2 years old is a first manual activity for toddlers:

  • It does not stain.
  • - It exercises fine motor skills and encourages the child to apply himself.
  • - The stickers are very easy to remove from the board.
  • - These repositionable stickers can be stuck and unstuck endlessly.
  • - This sticker activity encourages the child to observe the details in the picture and the colors, to recognize and name each element.
  • We recommend doing this activity with the help of an adult, when the child is still too young to do it alone.
  • - The kit can be carried easily to keep busy on a trip, in a restaurant...
  • - The activity is easy to store in the pocket.
  • - Learn more about the illustrator, Chloé du Colombier.